Monday, September 21, 2009

A trip to Portland with Grandma and Papa part 1

Grandma and Papa have arrived! On Saturday we took them on our whirl wind tour of Portland trying to hit all of our favorite spots in one afternoon, sort of like those tours you take in London, get on the bus and they show you everything cool about the city and then later you go and take it all in slowly.
Audrey and Logan went to a writing workshop put on by "The Telling Room", so the first stop we made was downtown Portland. While the kids went to the workshop we walked around "old port" checking out the shops and walking on the window sills. For whatever reason, we didn't properly dress Cae for the blustery day so I had to make a quick stop into a lovely shop called "Namesta" and buy him this great rainbow wool hoody. (He looks so great in bright colors.) There was a cruise ship docked in the harbor, boy are those things HUGE! Then it was off to "The Standard Baking Company" to get a quick treat. We headed over to "Gilbert's" for chowder and fish and chips for lunch (Mike went and picked up Sis and Logan). Then we wondered back to the van and car for a quick jaunt to the Portland Headlight. After that it was a lovely drive over to Len Libby's to see the chocolate mouse and buy some goodies!

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