Thursday, August 16, 2012

59 hours

A childhoods worth of goodies. Books, posters, dolls, music, bits and bobs, all being boxed up. Some going with her, some staying here, lots of it being given away. Treasures of her youth, piling up in her room. In just over 2 day... 59 hours to be exact our daughter will be moving in to dorms at ASU. Yes, it is just down the street from us, but it is also out of this space. Out into the wide world. In less then two weeks she will be going to school full time, working a part time job, making new friends, exploring herself, exploring what it means to be Audrey Jane, what it means to be herself with out us.
I am so proud of her, so excited for her, jealous of her being at that beginning point. That jumping off point into the unknown and off on adventure. And I am so, so sad for me. My baby girl, my heart, out there out in the world. 
Elizabeth Stone said it best: "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." What will I do with a piece of my heart no longer even in my own home? How do you survive this? I am going between weeping and laughter, between confidence in her abilities and being scared out of my mind for her.
My amazing Audrey Jane. I love you so much, have an amazingly awesome adventure.


The Jones Family said...

So true. I love that quote and that is really what motherhood feels like. You will survive. I have gone through it three times already...only one left in the nest. At least your daughter will be close. My oldest daughter went to college in New York, her sister in Utah. Only my son went to ASU and lived at home most of the time. Chances are your daughter will still be home a lot for such things as food and laundry. Congrats on having a college student! It's a whole new adventure!

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Congratulations to Audrey and hugs for you friend.

Donna said...

Our baby is a senior this year and will embark on her college journey a year from now. I'm trying to enjoy it all and let go a little a time. They just seem to young to be able to live on their own! Best of luck to you and her :-)

Nicole said...

Ok, you made me tear up big time! I can't even comprehend being at that stage in my being a Mom. Wow, good luck getting threw the emotional next few days!

Audrey said...

I love you so much Mommy. <3 I miss you already and I can't wait to come visit and tell you about my classes.