Monday, August 20, 2012

the weekend

 I finished up Fiona's winter set of goodness with a pair of sweet little leg warmers. I was going to make Ginny's "wee legwarmers" but I decided to make up my own pattern. It was so easy and so much fun to knit.

We went to Tempe Market Place for dinner one evening so the kids could run about in the fountain splash pad. It was such a lovely evening, a coolish breeze, water, yummy food, and frozen yogurt for dessert.

My seeds came! I am really excited about getting a fall garden in the ground. Fingers crossed that we can get on it this coming weekend. We are going to put in garden boxes as the soil here is just nasty. I am planning on doing a "Squarefoot garden", we did that in Tucson and it worked really well.

Much reading of books. Fiona just loves books. I am not sure any of our children loved books this much at only 18 months.

And then there was this... the last minute packing, the "do I have everything" looks, the jar of kisses, hugs and love from mama and daddy (peanut butter cups are love in food you know), the unloading at the dorm, and the hugs and long last looks as we leave our oldest at ASU. All I can say is that I am so glad she wanted to stay in state. I am not sure I could have handled it if she had wanted to go off back east or something.

We made the music room. Yes, it is a wee bit quick after a child leaves home to transform their old space into a new space, but honestly when we got home all we did was mope around the house. I told Mike, clean out the room, let's get this music room going. The drums were moved in, along with all the guitars, basses, and amps. Logan moved his computer in there so recording could happen easily. And then they got to it. Those blurs? Fiona and Rowan dancing to daddy's drumming!

And I finished the house. I wish I had taken "before" pictures so you could tell how much work was actually done here. Still after two weeks, I am feeling very done with this decluttering, cleaning frenzy I had going on.

To help with my sadness of Audrey leaving, and as a reward for all the stuff I got rid of... I went to Tempe Yarn and Fiber to get some more yummy yarny goodness. I really did restrain myself. Waaaaay under $100.00. LOL I got myself some lovely autumn colored yarn to make a shawl with. And got on it right away. Fun fun!

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Audrey said...

The music room looks awesome! I can't wait to see it. :)