Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Done with summer

I am so totally over this whole summer thing. Here it is the end of August and it is 109 degrees out. My brain is refusing to believe that fall is not just around the corner, but literally MONTHS away. I have these overwhelming urges to knit with wool, bake things, and make hearty meals like spicy corn and potato chowder.

While a large group of my friends are all starting the "Whole30" diet, I am eating double chocolate peanutbutter bar cookies, because dang it fall is coming!!! I am going to need that extra layer of chub to make it through the cold, dark winter. Maybe it was my youth growing up in the northwest, or that almost two years in Maine (two whole winters!!), or the fact that my ancestry is from northern climates... but I am just biologically programmed for fall. It is my most favorite season, and although I truly feel blessed to be back in Arizona, and when everyone else is up to their armpits in snow I will be tending a lovely garden with a light hoodie on... still I wish I could have a full on, in your face, kick butt Autumn.

But since that can't happen, I guess I will just continue to make cookie bars and knit with wool and have my air conditioning on for another 3 months.


The Jones Family said...

Those look absolutely delicious! Recipe? I'm going to try your granola. I'm with you. I'm totally done with summer. This one has been a scorcher and it just won't go away!

momto5 said...

here is the link to the recipe i used. i substituted peanut butter chips for the white chocolate chips and used the time at the bottom for cookie bars, because honestly having the oven on that long was just too much. LOL

D.Reading said...

Fall is my favorite season as well! Those cookies look amazing. I love white chocolate!

Caz said...

LOL I completely hear ya! Our 'winter' is like a spring day for normal parts of the world old.