Monday, August 13, 2012


In between cleaning and organizing the craft/game area in the laundry room and resting my poor broken toe I have been daydreaming of this...

photo from minwax facebook page
 I think it would look very amazing in the dining room right where the blue hutch is. Just the place for me to craft and get the lovely daylight and be in the same room as the kids who like to draw, and craft and game all day long.
What happens to the hutch you say... well it is currently just a play station for the kids. It could be moved into the living room when the drums are moved into the music room (which use to be Audrey's bedroom). I am feeling like maybe the whole living room could use a mix up anyway. I love being able to move things around. And as we clean out spaces and down size our stuff we make room for new and improved awesomeness... like the craft space for me!!!

photo from ikea website
I think this Ikea portable kitchen island would be PERFECT! Don't you think?? and a tube or two of this awesome stain. They used the emerald green, which is nice, but I do like the blue. Although this stain has an even cooler blue. I love the "island water"color. Sooo nice and cool looking.
Maybe this will be a birthday gift to myself, I mean you only turn 40 once right?

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Stephanie said...

Hooray for sacred spaces! :)