Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am sorry about the below picture, it is just slightly horrifying, not just because my toe is all whack and sideways but because my toenails are all yucky and need to be painted again. Sorry about that.

my whack toe
In the midst of tearing the house apart room by room and filling the car with boxes, bags, and heaping piles of stuff to go to Goodwill, along with many things and stuffs going to friends and to freecycle I smacked my toe into Fiona's heel and broke my toe. I know, how on earth do you break a toe on an 18 month old babies heel? Well, I don't know, but I did. DO you see how the skin was all twisted?? Horrifying.

I did this Saturday afternoon. Today, Sunday, I have had to slow down, and it is driving me nuts. I have to point out all the things that need to be done, I have to keep myself from doing all of them and allow others to do them for me and deal with the weird and/or s-l-o-w way they do them. I feel as if I am going to lose my ever loving mind. I am the sort of person who just does stuff. I don't really like waiting for others to do things because, well, they take to dang long to do it! I do the lion's share of the house work, 90% of the shopping and all of the cooking. It is just easier for me to do it all. It hurts too much right now to drive, so I am stuck. Stuck here trying not to go nuts, and it has only been one day. I have 4-6 more weeks of this, well maybe not 4 whole weeks, maybe just one good week of rest and then easy going for the next three. But still... but still.

I was sitting in my room after cleaning out the desk (I can do that because I am just sitting on a chair with my foot up), and I started crying. How am I going to NOT do stuff for 4 weeks? There is a never ending list of things and stuffs to do here, stuff that needs to be done ever single day to keep the house running even in a half-ass sort of way. Like the laundry, the cooking and baking, the picking up, the dishes, the cleaning of the bathrooms, etc, etc, etc. I am sure everyone has this sort of list, this constant "to-do" list that is what keeps the house running smoothly.

I figure I can keep on with the cleaning out of things in the kitchen, pantry, and craft/game cupboard because I can do it in fits and starts and do a great majority of it with my foot on a chair. I am also working on patching up the very cool chair we have, but has slowly been dying of fabric rot. I was inspired by Soulemama's chair. I think it will be lovely when it is all done. I had to hand sew a cover for the seat cushion. At some point I will get it professionally decovered, but for now... it will give me something to do while my toe knits itself back together.

patches applied

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