Thursday, August 2, 2012

A trip up north

Day One

hiking and laughing

sagan looking for bigfoot

rowan being cute

playing guys

fiona's room
After the drive and the unloading of the car and van we went for a walk in the wooded area near the cabins. It was such a nice hike and felt so good to be out in nature and not baking in the sun. Sagan immediately started bigfoot hunting and doing his bigfoot calls.
Each day was spent mostly outside, even in the daily rain storms we got. And in the evenings after dinner we would watch a couple hours of the Olympics.

Day Two
morning hike

cae climbing a tree

making a pie

at fool's hollow lake

the rain is coming

sagan water bending

logan on the pier 

fiona in the lake

the meadow!

fiona pickin' flars

the meadow flowers

what rowan called the grand canyon

logan standing on the edge

big poofy clouds
This was my favorite day. Fool's Hallow Lake is just lovely. When we got there a storm started rolling in so after a very short hike we sat under a ramada until the rain passed and then went about on another adventure. The kids played in  the water, we rain down a steep hill into a lovely meadow full of flowers and climbed up craggy cliffs and wondered through marshy areas full of huge grasshoppers and monstrous tadpoles. Fiona had such a great time in the meadow picking flowers and watching the bugs (or owies as she calls them).

Day Three
baby acorns

walking across the bridge at woodland lake park

flowers and ducks

cae in the muck



sagan laughing

cae and row talking

sun light through the trees

audrey on the pier

the guys and the hiking stick

fiona at the park at dark
On day three we drove over to Pinetop/Lakeside for an adventure at Woodland Lake Park. After being there for a few hours Mike realized that we had been there before... the last time we were in Greer. We had completely forgotten. It was yet another lovely hike around a lake, lots of ducks and geese, and loads of wild flowers. After the first hike we went and got some lunch and then tried another trail. And that evening when we got home the kids and I went down to the park near the cabin. Rowan was always trying out his Olympic moves on the grass.

Day Four
fiona on the porch

our little furry friend

more furry friend

rowan working on a book

cae leeping

our rainbow
We had plans to go to Fool's Hollow lake again, but mother nature had other plans. It rained off and on all day, and I mean rained, downpours so amazingly strong you couldn't see across the street. And lightening and thunder so loud and so close that it sort of scared us a wee bit. Most of the day was spent around the cabin, but a few times the kids walked over to the park to get the crazies out. We were treated to a lovely rainbow near the end of the day, a HUGE rainbow that stretched across the whole sky.

Day Five
people in boats on fool's hallow lake

going for a hike around the lake

just a good picture

playing in the lake

more playing

the amazing sky

The last day. We visited the lake just one more time before we hit the road. It was a great trip, but it was nice to be getting back home. We are all a bit sunburned and a wee bit eaten by mosquitoes. Audrey actually looks like she was visited by a plague of some sorts... but still, oh so much fun. We are making plans for maybe a fall trip and then another during the winter holiday. Can you imagine Christmas in a cabin and hikes in the cold? Fun!


Tan Family said...

Oh, what a beautiful trip! Is this Northern Arizona? Haven't been there in years, but remember it's incredible beauty. Thank you for sharing your families summer journey. :)

momto5 said...

yes it was. show low area. it was amazing. haven't been up north in so long... now we have plans for many more visits! LOL