Friday, August 24, 2012

Garden Journal

i know i posted this picture before... but i am excited!
Well, I have the seeds, I have the ideas, I just need the raised bed material and the dirt! I am going to do the "Square foot" garden thing this fall. The soil at this house is just very unlife sustaining. We are composting and I have plans to start composting with worms as soon as the temps drop. From what I have read worms won't do great in the still 100 degree temperatures we have been having here.
This blog has a neat sort of graphic for square foot gardening, although his soil amounts are very off. It should be 1:1:1 but I do know that you could do well with more compost. I want maybe three large-ish beds and one smaller one for herbs. I am starting with seeds, but I do want to hit the farmer's market and see if I can get a few baby plants so, there is something in there. LOL
I have been doing a lot of chicken coop research, man am I ever impatient for a chicken coop. Hopefully we can get that in by some point next month. I do love chickens. :)


EMMA said...

Best of luck with your compost and your garden. I too am waiting for a new chicken coop. We haven't had chickens for a few years now since an outbreak of bird flu here in europe and I do miss having them and collecting eggs with the kids!

Ngo Family Farm said...

The planning phase is such fun! Wishing you much bounty in your fall garden.

Jennyr said...

Thanks for commenting on my plans. I read your post on Saturday, but didn't have time to comment. I have to say that the raised beds and square foot gardening is the easiest garden I've ever planted. I am just not able to till and weed the way I used to, I actually marked one of my test beds off with string for the grid and for a small garden, it worked extremely well for me. The only weeds I've had this summer are the grass tendrils that seem to be working their way up through the bottom even though I put layers of cardboard down before I filled them with dirt. I can weed a bed in five minutes while I let our dogs out. Can't wait to see your gardens develop!