Thursday, August 2, 2012

Belated birthday wishes

audrey jane just a day or so old

and here she is at 18
It was pointed out to me that I had failed to post about Audrey's 18th birthday.... that happened almost a month ago! eeeep! What a bad mama. SO much was going on, that it sort of slipped my mind. Hard to believe, but true.
Can it be that my dear, sweet Audrey Jane is now 18? You know how when after you have a baby and everyone is like... it goes so quickly. Well, it does. It is true. 100% crazy, true. When did it happen? When did she go from being my sweet little girl to being a woman? Sometimes the days seem so long and yet the years just fly by. In just a few short weeks she will be off to college (thankfully she wanted to stay in the state), she will be doing her own thing... away from me. I am so proud of her, she is such an amazing person. I love her (because you do as a mother) but I also like her. She is funny, and sharp as a tack, and loving and well she just is awesome. Is that too much? I don't think so.
Happy, Happy, Belated Birthday wish. I love you my sweet Audrey Jane.

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