Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grand plans

I woke up this morning with all these grand plans. We were going to go to the park and feed the ducks, bake cookies, clean the house, do some sort of "school" work (I am in one of those moods) and get dinner made early. But instead I stayed in my jammies (and so did the boys) and I worked on a hat and nursed Fiona and watched a show on Egypt. The boys made Lego spaceships and spaceports and played "Pivot" on the computer.
Yeah, I know I am lucky. I like that I can have days like this every single week. I don't see the need in always having every single moment of every single day filled to the brim with "stuff" that has to be done. Heather Cushman-Dowdee (comic genius, in my opinion) wrote an essay in her book "The Milk of Hathor" called Time Wasters Movement, it was in response to a piece in "Real Simple" magazine back in August 2003, and it really hit the nail on the head at least to me. What is up with all this fast paced, over scheduled, crazy fast paced nuttiness we call lives? What is wrong with just chillin'? I mean seriously? Is it some left-overs from our Puritan origins? That you can't just sit around and do nothing? What is that saying... idle hands are the devils play ground? Do we still truly believe that? Or is it a stay at home mama sort of guilt trip? Like if you are staying home with the kids and NOT working you might as well be busy all day every day to at least show you are worth having around. But you know, I am just not buying it any more. I loving being at home with the kids and being a homemaker, I love having time to sit and knit and nurse Fiona and watch the boys play and not actually DO anything that would be considered productive all day. I get to enjoy watching them grow and play.
I read Amanda Soule's post today about how busy she was/is and how she got 10 minutes to just exhale and how it helped her through the rest of her day. And I thought... 10 minutes? How about 10 hours?! I just have no interest in being that all consumed with busy-ness. In fact I don't have any day that is that busy EVER, and I plan it that way. I am done with this whole business of rushing, life is just to short and too precious to rush through it.


Proud Mama said...

Very true and something I struggle with. It seems like to be fulfilled children and adults we must be sucking every last drop from life. I used to feel guilty if we didn't do something all day and every weekend. Now I know doing nothing is actually doing a whole lot.

Becks said...

Nothing could possibly be better than sitting and watching and knitting and nursing.....
I do that as much as possible on my days off work. (And I only work part time through necessity.)
Lovely knitting there, the colours of that yarn are great.