Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

You know how some days just flow so nicely? We had one of those today, just moved smoothly from one ting to the next. The boys watched a DVD of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and wanted to try out one of the activities... an easy one. They wanted to sniff things while blind folded and see who could guess the most correct. Very fun, and Sagan was the winner. Then we talked a bit about Day of the Dead (which is tomorrow) and colored these awesome pictures. Rowan is mastering the scissors, it is pretty darn amazing to watch this. Of course there was lots of playing, Fiona loves the old fashioned Fisher Price "Little People". Logan had a performance, he wasn't suppose to be in it be at the last minute (yesterday) the teacher said he wanted him to do it, so we had to hurry and buy black pants and a white shirt. Mike took Sagan and Cae to the show, apparently it was amazing. Thankfully there is another one on the 21st of November.
Fiona has really been getting into eating, and insists on feeding herself a good portion of the time, leads to some messy dinners, but totally worth it because she is just too darn cute.
And finally, the cat, she LOVES the piano. I am sure she will love it even more when it is in tune... I think we all will.
Oh and this blog has some pretty awesome crafty stuff for Day of the Dead... we might do a bit more tomorrow.

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