Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn Along

Well, it has taken me all day to get this up but I did it! I am working on hat project #6. I still have three more to go and hopefully get fingerless gloves for a few of them. I ditched the whole make a shawl thing for my daughter and went with this hat by Amanda Soule. I changed it up a bit and added a fun "fur" around the bottom. I think it turned out great. This hat is going to be pretty much like Rowan's hat just in the round knit with a ribbing along the bottom.
We have been reading some Thanksgiving type books this week. My personal Favorite is "Thanksgiving is Here!" I imagine this is how it will be at our house, God willing, when the kids get all grown and have a bunch of their own babies. Lovely, wild, mayhem! lol
I still have not found anything that tickles my fancy, in the book department, but reading to the kids is always nice.
I have to say I am loving this whole Yarn Along deal.
Have fun knitting. :)

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