Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday night...

After a lovely dinner of chicken and dumplings and homemade bread, the family sat down to a very lively and LONG game of Uno. We have not really done the whole "family game night" thing, but I think it is something we want to add. I have been feeling like we have been disconnected lately, everyone sort of in their own space doing their own thing in the evenings, almost like a bunch of roommates instead of a family. Mike and I talked about it this weekend and decided that maybe instead of eating in front of the TV (which sadly had become sort of a habit), and then everyone either watching TV, fighting, or running off to their room to get on the computer we would get together and play a game. I made up some cocoa, popcorn and we had some molasses cookies. I wanted a game that would be easy enough for the youngest player (Rowan) but not bore the older players (Audrey and Logan) to death. So Uno was the winner... actual we were the winners, so so much fun.

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