Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Knitting and Reading

On the blog "Small Things" the author has been doing this thing called a "yarn along" sorta telling everyone what you are knitting and what you are reading. I thought I might give it a go for awhile. At the moment I am struggling (for some unknown reason) with this pattern, I have made this hat at least two times before, but I have been starting it and re-starting it at least a dozen times over the last couple of days. I was thinking I would go mad! I do think, however, that I have got it down. I am about half way through it, so hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be finished and little Fiona will be able to wear it Thursday on our trip to the zoo.
At the moment I am reading "Festivals, Family and Food" just trying to get some ideas of things to do around here to sort of give us some rhythm and set the mood for our days, or at least the days where we are at home.


Rebecca said...

That little Pixie hat is sooooo cute! I'm certain Fiona will be smiled at a lot on her trip to the zoo.

Becks said...

That hat is so cute. We have that book and dip into it often. I recently had to start three times on a simple lace pattern and each time couldn't understand why I got it wrong. The third time I breezed through, weird.