Monday, November 28, 2011

Over the weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday we started decorating the house. I think it will be a process this year, usually it is sort of all done at once, but the tree situation is still being thought out so for now we have a garland hung in the living room, the hutch in the dining room is looking lovely and a few other fanciness are happening all over the house.
We took the younger children to the zoo on Saturday. Mike hadn't been since before Fiona was born. He has a less lazy approach to zoo visits then I do. I tend to just sort of meander through the place not really concerned with seeing the whole thing, but he is very much all about getting through it... all of it. LOL I think, in a way, it sort of symbolizes how different our day to day lives are. He has a much more goal oriented life with schedules, and dead lines and stuff that just MUST be done, were as I, being a homemaker and a homeschooling mama, well things are just a bit more laid back. I guess that is why we are so perfect for each other.
I was able to finish ALL the holiday hats this weekend and at this moment I am about 3/4 done with Fiona's sweater vest. I am very excited about that. Now I just have to knit up fingerless gloves (4 more sets), get three stockings finished (just adding the decorations, not actually knitting them), and I have two more gifts I need to get done... maybe three. LOL So much to do!
We also are going to sort of celebrate Advent this year. I have been very inspired by Waldorfmama's celebration of Advent over the last couple of years. I set up a place on the hutch for our Advent things, a bowl for the rock, a candle for each week, I have Gaia and the Greenman there also. As the next 4 weeks go by we will be adding plants, animals and then final mankind. I think it should be very inspiring. I am going to try and find a blessing for each week to say at dinner that sort of focuses on what each week is about. We shall see, it is all new to us.
Have a lovely week.

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