Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music and maddness

I took the kids to a MAC concert today. I am always amazed at how people have children who will actually sit still. Yes, some peoples children will wiggle or wander a bit, but mine... dear me, they can not be still or even just a little wiggly. They climbed the seating area (it was outside in a sort of man made seating area with grass and block), the jumped from block to block, Rowan fell after slipping on a blanket and almost knocked his head in, they teetered precariously on the edge of the blocks that dropped down a good 4 or so feet on to people sitting below, they dug huge divots in the grass leaving nice big holes, they talked non-stop and ran around almost constantly. Now, yes the place was 90% older people and 9% disabled people and maybe 1% families, but the other people with kids there, they just were still, or they walked around. And honestly the minute we got there and sat down the boys wanted food and complained bitterly that I had left lunch in the van for when we got to the park about an hour later. Not exactly the most relaxing hour I have spent. Thankfully we had friends there to at least distract me from the insanity.


Mama Tara said...

We both had our sitters, the ones who would sit and listen to the concert happily. And we also have the other type that want to EXPERIENCE not just sit. It's taken me a while to not judge but accept where they are. Yes, it may mean we get all ready, go and last 5 whole minutes before we have to leave or take ourselves to an area where we won't bother other people...or just not go to the event at all. I used to be bummed that they (we) were missing all these fabulous events, but there are many years to come for us to enjoy this stuff. What can be really hard is when one of them wants to stay and the others want to go and I'm alone. That's where creativity comes in. These kids have taught me a lot and raised my problem solving skills to a level of mastery. ;) But the key thing is to not compare our kids to those sitting kids. We're all different. And I feel your pain, mama, those times can be really stressful. *love*

Proud Mama said...

I definitely know what you mean about the constant moving. Some concerts I have spent by the water while my children jumped, ran and were kids. Sorry I missed it.