Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

I have been in a reading funk. I can not find any sort of "grown up" books that catch my fancy lately. A couple years ago, while at a Friends of the Library book sale in Portland, Maine I pick up a copy of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils . I have been meaning to read this to the boys for some time, but we just never got around to it. Over the weekend I was going through the kids books, sort of "thinning the herd" and stumbled upon it again, so I thought... let's give it a try. It is actually pretty darn good. They are really enjoying it. I am hoping that I might get a few grown up book ideas in Ginny's Yarn Along.
I wanted to challenge myself this year. I wanted to give each of the kids some sort of home made (by me) gift this Yule. Since I am really not all that quick on the needles and do to the fact that I have to knit 6 different things AND because I am starting a bit late in the year I have decided to knit hats and fingerless mitts for the boys, a shawl for Audrey and a sweater or sweater vest for Fiona (to match the hat I made her last week.) I have no idea where I got the yarn, but I have had it for a couple years and just never got around to using it. I had no idea it would knit up into such a cool pattern. I am thinking this hat and mitts will be for Rowan, because it seems to suit him so well.


Amy Caroline said...

I love old books, don't you? I have never read this book, but I know how you feel. I have been in a funk too. I seem to only be able to commit and get through non-fiction these days.

Rebecca said...

You better get to knitting, girl and forget about reading a grownup book until New Years! LOL! I haven't heard of the book you are reading your boys...sounds interesting.

nocton4 said...

great yarn, such wonderful colours xx