Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Japanese Friendship Garden

The little ones and I picked up Nana today and took her to the Japanese Friendship Garden in down town Phoenix. It is a nice small garden with a great big koi pond. You could get koi kibble to feed them, that was crazy! The fish just went nuts when the food was dropped in. I would guess that the majority of the visit was spent feeding the fish.
There is something about the Japanese gardens that lends itself to silence and contemplation. I could have spent much more time just walking in the garden, really getting to look at the plants, the care taken in the placement of each and every rock, looking at exactly how they train the trees to grow just so. But, as with most things when taking young children there is just alot of rushing about. Still, I think they really enjoyed themselves and they all said they want to come back soon.

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