Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinderella (Saturday's Artist)

waiting for the play to start

my sweet girl as the evil step-mother

those silly step-daughters

more evil

best evil scene she was so nasty to poor cinderella

oh the look!

reliving the ball

does that glass slipper fit one of her daughters??

the end
Sorry for the blurry pictures, but there is NO FLASH allowed at the play. (I'm not sure it would have helped anyway). Audrey's final play of High School had opening night last night (Friday night). They did amazingly awesome. So much talent. And my sweet Audrey Jane, did so well as the evil step-mother, who knew she had it in her. There are two more shows today, I think I might go to the last one as well. I have to admit, I love the Cinderella story. Probably not very feminist of me, but hey we all have our thing.
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Stephanie said...

How fun! For you and for her!

So tough to get pics in a place like that. I never, ever use flash, so blur is something I just deal with. :)

Bethany said...

We love watching plays, especially fairy tales!

Andréann said...

Awesome costume! I love the girls' Evil faces :)