Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along

I have abandoned the baby blanket at the moment, I think I want to give this one a go, by Stitch Nation but instead of using those yarns I think I wanna buy some bare yarn and do what Ginny and her family did... color it with Easter egg dye! And than knit that bad boy up! BUT, at the moment I am knitting a little green and blue pointy gnome hat using this pattern. Fun, easy and rewarding. Hoping to have it done by Thursday so I can give it to a friends baby.
In the knitting basket I am also lugging around "Heaven on Earth" a sort of Waldorf homeschooling/parenting book. I have read it before and just really enjoy it. So many good ideas in that book. AND I am also reading " A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family" and I have also read this one before as well, and it too is good. I am sort of in that mood, doing nice comforting, familiar things.
Joining Ginny for this weeks Yarn Along


Heather aka Proud Mama said...

You can also use Kool Aid for dyeing. The kids and I have dyed yarn as well as play silks that way. I am also making a blanket for a soon to be born niece. I think she may arrive before I am done.

momto5 said...

we have done the kool-aid dye with play silks, it was way fun. i did read some place that kool-aid and egg dyes can be used on fibers that are protein based (silk, and wool) which is way cool.

SuzyQ said...

Your reading list sounds very interesting.
I've been thinking about plant dying some yarn this summer!
And I like the simple, quick and satisfying projects too :)

Tracey said...

How fun to dye your own yarn, that is something I hope to learn to do this summer.
Have a happy day!

Alica McKenna Johnson said...

I cnan't wait to see the hat, I love little gnome hats.