Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dino art

getting started

check out the pterodactyl

fiona thinks body art is better


drawing the terrain

all done

hanging up
Tuesday evening was going along swimmingly, and then we hit a road bump. Cae and Rowan were getting that look in their eyes, that look like they were a bit bored and would love to start bugging each other. I headed them off at the pass. A few weeks ago a friend had left some pre-cut out sets of things (like fall shapes, trains, dinos, 4th of July thingies), I remember we had these in the art area, I hurried and got them along with the markers and let them at it. While coloring them in, Cae suggested they make a landscape for the dinosaurs to roam on. WOOHOO! more art! I pulled out a table size piece of paper and they went to town. After they were all done we taped the creatures on it and hung it in the living room. They spent over an hour coloring, laughing, planning and hanging out together... not a single fight was had!
Fiona joined in for a bit, but she preferred body art to paper art. After coloring on her face for 20 minutes she was done and wanted a bath.