Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation weekend

Logan all ready for 8th grade graduation

there is his name... do you see it?

getting his lolli

group hug

audrey all ready for high school graduation (take by sierra)

queen super jelly (taken by sierra)

hugging friend (taken by sierra)

all done (taken by sierra)

all the graduates and families (taken by sierra)

great picture (taken by sierra)

the family (taken by sierra)

there it is! (taken by sierra)

gifts at the party

logan's phone

audrey's ukelele

pool time

fiona at pools edge

trying to prepare to get in

cannon ball!!!

all the peeps in the pool

papa and fiona rose

the teenagers

fiona having memes

teenagers getting warm and dry



What a wild weekend we have had so far. It started Thursday with Logan's 8th grade promotion. He did such an amazing job this year. His first year in school and he just rocked it. I truly believe that all those years being homeschooled really helped him know exactly what he wanted and have the gumption to meet it head on and plow through the challenging stuff and just do amazing! We are so proud of him.
Audrey's high school graduation was on Friday. The graduation ceremony was amazing! There are so many talented kids go there. Audrey's valedictorian speech was wonderful and inspiring. She has just done an amazing job in her high school career. Pushing herself to excel. I just know she is going to have an amazing adventure in college come the fall. I have to admit I have been a bit weepy. I am so happy for her, but so sad for me. This is it, this is where she goes off on her life adventure and does her own thing. I can't wait to see what becomes of all of this.
I must admit I am not a fan of the school system. BUT, that being said I love how NSAA allows the kids to really grow their talents, and be who they are. The graduation ceremonies for both Logan and Audrey had kids dressing the way they wanted, hooting and calling out, clapping and decorating their hats and hugging on stage. It was amazing. I am very grateful that we found this wonderful school.
Saturday we headed to Grandma Flo and Papa Jim's house. There were gifts given, a pool enjoyed (the first swim of the season), lots of yummy food chowed down on, and music was played. It was a wonderful day.
A wonderful weekend.


bailiwick said...

THANK you for the photos and stories. SO good to see Logan and Audrey doing so well and little Fiona and your wonderful Mike and his guitar and Sierra visiting -- It made me so happy. I hope I get to see you all this summer when I come for monsoon (to Tucson). Amy

Astrologerdawn said...

How wonderful to see the kids, change and grow up. It seems so long ago they were so tiny!