Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My craftiness

getting it all squared away

gluing it down

play time!
 I have been wanting a Lego sort of table for the boys for a very long time. But they are so expensive. I just sort of put it out of my mind, and then I saw this! AMAZING! And so super easy. Sadly I didn't already own an Ikea Lack side table ($7.99), so I was forced to go to Ikea and buy one. Then, off to Toys R Us to get the Lego land pieces ($4.99 a piece). We Gorilla glued them onto the Lack sidetable, two hours later... TADA! Lego table! It works great, is just the right size to store easily and wasn't too terribly expensive. The boys just love it.

getting ready



the heaping pile

getting ready to hot glue

all done!
Ever since I saw the bunting from Amanda Soule's book "The Creative Family" I really, really wanted to make one. BUT, I do not know how to sew, don't have a working sewing machine and well, honestly I am pretty clueless on what to do. A few months ago I was at Wal-mart (I know, bad Heather, bad) and I saw some really cute fabrics in bundles called "fat quarters" (yeah, this is how clueless I am on the whole fabric buying). I got six of them, sorta planning on maybe trying to figure out the sewing machine a friend gave me, but really having no idea what I was going to do. At that same time I borrowed my mom's pinking shears (which are like 40 years old) with the idea that sometime in the near future I was going to attempt some sort of fabric related craft. Well, I finally did it! I didn't use the sewing machine because I still have no idea how to use it, I used the HOT GLUE GUN! I made a little triangle pattern, folded the fabrics into fourths and cut them out getting 4 triangles, after I had done all 6 fabrics, I pinned them to a thing called "bias tape" (i know, amazing, right!), then I hot glued all the triangles inside the bias tape, and then...TADA, awesome, amazing, rainbow goodness bunting! At the moment it is adding it's lovely presence to our patio out back. I am toying with the idea of doing a few more. I have this really cool "day of the dead" fabric I could use for one. Maybe do one that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it, or birthday themed fabrics?? I mean I am all set now, pinking shears and hot glue are all ready for another super easy fabric project!


Danica said...

OMG, <3!!! so awesome! you are so inspiring! both of these are great projects!

Nicole said...

bunting is adorable :) i also fell in love with the whole bunting idea from Amanda Blake Soule!