Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bedside seasonal book basket

constant favorite of both cae and rowan

one of my personal favorites

just refound this one, audrey and logan use to love this one

ahhh to play in the mud on a nice hot day

and our copy of this one use to be mine as a child!

love this one, nice mother nature touch to the season

watching what the sun becomes

rowan loves to "read" me this one

we just <3 this one
This last winter I moved all our seasonal books in to crates to make some room in the boys bedroom for their stuff. Plus I thought it might make the books a bit fresh and "new" to use again. So many of them get lost on the shelves never to be read again. Well it has been working. This last weekend I put away the "spring" books and unloaded the "summer" books. What a surprise, so many loved books in there, so many we had forgotten about. I know it might be a wee bit early for some, I know parts of the country are not even that close to summer yet, but here in the desert southwest we are getting deep in the summerness. At the moment these are the current bedtime favorites.

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Nicole said...

ooh, fun. i LOVE children's books and especially picture books. i have been toying with idea of doing an "author highlight" post on my blog. we will see!