Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Museum day in pictures

May 18th was "museum day". I took Sagan, Caelan, Rowan and Fiona to the Heard Museum.

the Heard Musuem
our walk in
the history of native peoples told in sticks

learning to bead

more beading

putting together a "broken" pot

button art

fiona checking stuff out

cradle boards

water bottles

the story room

outside path

walk around the fountain


fiona doing button art


outside spiral path

rolling down the hill

Later in the day, when Daddy and the big kids got home we went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

dino in a party hat

real meteor

cae checking out a dino

everyone helping <3

dang those things were big

checking out how the house was made

rowan loves trying to put those pots together

green screen magic

another big one!

digging for dinos

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Danica said...

z loves the stuffies in the story rm too!