Friday, February 24, 2012

Fiona's freezer pop

While we were in the middle of super yuck this week, I went to Whole Foods to get some sort of popsicle type food. Whole Foods was the closest grocery store and I was just feeling too funky to venture much further then a couple blocks from the house. Well, NOTHING at Whole Foods is inexpensive and since I have a family of 8 who were all at some level of sickness I just could not get a box of popsicles, and there was just no way I could afford to get more then a box, which only had four pops in it anyways, well they just so happen to have a pop similar to "otter pops" but it is made with actual juice and no added sugar... so I felt ok buying a box which was actually pretty reasonably priced and had 12 pops in it. We never actually got around to eating them, so while digging around in the freezer for something to settle my tummy I remembered the box! Woohoo! I got one out and Fiona crawled right over and "demanded it" (with her cute little head nod and grabby hands). She loved it! I felt compelled to catch it on video.