Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yarn Along

yarn along sock
Not much has changed since last week. I am still working on the first sock. It seems a bit small for me, so I am thinking of giving them to Sagan. He is pretty excited about that. A few more inches and I can start the heel turn... my first! EEEP!
I am truly loving this book. I should have read it a few years ago when I first got it. It has been very inspiring and helpful. The author writes so well. Mike and I have been doing alot of talking about it and I have been high lighting things for us to discuss. Plus, there has been more then one occasion that I got all weepy.
I'm also reading "The Secret Garden" to Caelan and Rowan in the evenings. I have never read this book before and I am really enjoying it, so is Caelan. Rowan tends to either look at another book while I am reading or play quietly with his cars on the bedroom floor. Fiona is usually also in the room nursing or messing with things. It is nice. I like how it feels reading to them this way, with them being busy, but also listening. Sort of like when I am outside with them while they play and I knit. Togetherness.


ericaceae said...

Simplicity Parenting is the most useful parenting book I've read.
The sock looks great!


angelina said...

that is one dazzling sock.
good luck with that heel.
a real **&*&*( they are.

www.theevolvinghomemaker.com said...

awesome sock. and great book. i loved it too. i wanted my husband to read it cause he thinks i am overprotective and have strange ideas. lol. but he hasn't. surprise.


Stephanie said...

Love those colors!

Jessica Snell said...

Oh, don't be scared of the heel turn! It's really simple, but it looks like magic when you're done: look, angles! :) I like turning heels, can you tell?

Rebecca said...

The heel! Yay! There was a part in a book I once read about a little old lady who was so upset that she turned the heel twice. I'm not sure how that it even possible but don't you let it happen to you! Looking forward to seeing that sock next week with a heel.

Proud Mama said...

I would like to borrow that book when you are done. Pretty please.

Laura Emily said...

I love the colors of the sock. It looks like it is coming along beautifully.

Annie said...

What fun yarn! I really appreciated Simplicity Parenting, too--one of the most helpful parenting books I've read. And the Secret Garden...oh such a favorite! It's wonderful as adults to get the chance to read children's books we missed as a child. I did that with Heidi last year.