Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn along

books and yarn
I couldn't take another day of socks, so I cast on another project. I have decided that maybe I will stick to tube socks in the future! I am working on the "Soft Basket" from "More Last Minute Knitted Gifts". I stole the yarn from Rowan's knitting bag, I swear he won't miss it, I think the idea of knitting is way more appealing to him then the actual doing, or maybe it is because his teacher (me) is just a bit of a nut and doesn't know enough to properly teach knitting to a 4 year old. Either way I am going to give the basket to him, because honestly who doesn't need a cute rainbowy knitted basket to put stuff in?
At the time of the photograph I was reading my friend's ebook "Phoenix Child", but I have sense finished it. It was great! I laughed, I cried, I hated a character with a fiery passion and still dislike him greatly, even though the main character has forgiven him... it just takes me longer, I hold grudges sometimes. I especially love that it was written in first person and the character is a teen, so you get a bit of smart-assy-ness which was fun to read.
I finished reading "The Secret Garden" to Cae and Rowan. Cae just loved it so much he wanted me to restart it again right away. I convinced him that maybe we could read something else first. I tried reading "The Hobbit" but neither Cae nor I could get into it. I remember loving that books o much when my dad read it to me. Maybe Papa Jim needs to come read to us. Anyway, I pulled out another of my favorite children's books... "Mrs. Coverlet's Magicians" the best thing about this copy is that it was my mom's! It has her name and address right in it, and my name is in it as well, and so is Aydrey's! Cae liked it right off, Rowan, well he does seem to get this book a bit more, but he tends to just play cars while I read. LOL

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