Monday, February 13, 2012


Sagan's Ancient garden

boys drawing a road on the drive way




one of our most favorite things

he made a skid mark!

sun through the leaves

look at that hand. <3

my bikin' boys

look at what I got in the mail!!!
I always have such grand plans for Mondays and then, well life happens. Not much on the list got done, but we were busy so much of the day. Art projects in the morning, biking in the driveway, chalk drawing, rope swinging, running around the back yard, friends came to visit and I got a package! Yes, a Hathor the Cowgoddess package of goodness! Happiness! And I was feeling a bit "artsy" and took some pictures of our flowers and plants. I was even able to actually make a LLL meeting. Maybe I need to just toss out the lists and go with the flow.

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