Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Space

The author of one of the blogs I read, I can't remember which one it is now, made herself a little space. I was so inspired that I decided I wanted to do something similar for myself. Everyone in our house as a spot, a spot for their things and treasures... all except for me. I have been slowly decluttering the house, thinning the toys out and making space. I was able to remove so much stuff I actually cleared off a whole bookshelf of baskets of toys! I moved the bookshelf into my room and started moving my books (parenting, gardening, craft, etc) on to it, as well as my most cherished Mothering magazines, and I even had space for my knitting box. And it sits so nicely under the picture Mike got for me of a mama and baby. Happiness!

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Nicole said...

i love this, good for you!