Monday, February 6, 2012


lego building

more building

daddy climbing the rope

sagan on the rope

cae on the rope

row on the rope

building the medieval village

many many hours later, it is done!
What a weekend. It seems like so much was going on, and yet not much got done. I took the little boys to the Lego store at the mall so they could spend their allowance. I had no plans on getting anything, but then it called out to me... a medieval village. It took HOURS to put together, but it is sooo cool. And I was only a loony for a bit.
I had to stop by Home Depot to pick up some sandbox sand (the cats have made our sand totally yucky) and while I was there I picked up 22 feet of rope. Mike climbed the tree and hung it up for the kids to climb and swing on. Cae is the super climber. I am pretty sure by the end of the week he will have hands covered in callouses.


Stephanie said...

:) We have a rope in the backyard, with a loop for feet (and swinging) at the bottom. Every child that comes over plays on it. :) A great thing!
Almost as good as bare feet.

Proud Mama said...

That rope at the park sparked so much fun. Glad you got one for your home!

Nicole said...

Love the rope :) It is on my list as well...