Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday in pictures

working the kitchen aide

fiona licking the measuring cup

don't forget to lock it

sneaking chips

this is some good cookie dough

building with legos

cae's house

vegetable science

beans and celery

what will happen to the celery??

fiona playing with celery

putting the beans on a moist towel

ziplocking the baggie
Wednesday was full up with plans, and then I just broke down, a couple hours of interrupted sleep is just not enough. My wise son, Sagan suggested that maybe, just maybe we didn't actually need to do all of those things and maybe we should just stay home. After I dried my eyes, I agreed with him. So instead of a day of rushing all over town, we chilled at home; ate popcorn, made a huge triple chip cookie, did a couple science experiments, built with Legos and lazed about the casa. So grateful my sonny boy set me straight.

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