Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magical Tuesday

new calvin and hobbes

the orchard game

mushroom matching

another matching

tell tale


more hiss


cae running 10 laps

rowan running 5 laps

picture drawing

cae using ed emberley books
We had a really great day today. While doing up the breakfast dishes I noticed a package on the front porch, something we forgot to bring in yesterday! It was the set of "Calvin and Hobbes" comic books I had ordered for Sagan. He was so excited he dove right in and read for at least a good hour, or as long as it took Cae, Rowan and I to play a half dozen games. I think the biggest hit was a game we got from Audrey's friend Derek, one he gave the boys for Christmas that we some how just hadn't played yet. Totally fun! It is called "Tell Tale" and the rules are super simple and the game is quick fun and silly as all get out. The stories were so silly and ended with poop, so what 4 and 7 year old boy wouldn't love that. I think this will be our "gift to give" of choice for awhile. After a bit a messing around inside the boys all went outside and started "training" for something, I am not sure what, but it did entail them running laps around the driveway at a certain maintained pace. Sagan and Cae decided that Rowan being little would only have to run 5 laps instead of 10, and you know that little guy can hall. He did great and was so proud of himself.
As the day moved into evening, and as I was making dinner they all started drawing. Cae ran across and Ed Emberley book I had when I was a child and has just poured through it drawing all sorts of little pictures of himself doing all sorts of wild things. Sagan is working on a story right now, a project he is trying to get Logan into, and was working on the book cover this evening.
Some of the best parts of the day were not actually caught on film, but I think even if I had had the camera it wouldn't have caught the awesomeness of them. Logan hung with his brothers which they love so much. Sagan really misses him now that he is in school full time. And it was nice that he gave them so much of his time right after school today, without me even saying anything. And Sister and I had a great talk, that girl has a good head on her shoulders and she just knows her stuff. And of course Fiona was just normal cute, smart self. She surprises me everyday with the stuff she knows how to do, I forget that even though they are small they are so so paying attention and they get waaaay more then they can articulate.

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