Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting with water and popsicles

I am at a loss sometimes as what to do art wise for Fiona. She loves to get into things and get messy and I know all sorts of art stuff would be way fun, but she is still in that space where she will eat any and all things you give her. So the other day while we were outside she had found a paint brush and was messing with it. LIGHTBULB!! I got her a cup of water and she "painted" the patio with it, that is until she tipped it over, splash in it and then licked it... but hey it is a start.

After that is was only fitting to eat a popsicle... and although it looks like an "otter pop" I swear it isn't! No "Otter pops" until at least 2 years old! haha It is a treat from Whole Foods.
We are joining Saturday's Artist at Ordinary Life Magic.


Tina said...

Painting with water is such a fun and simple idea. If it's warm enough, big blocks of colored ice would be fun too :)

Andria said...

Now, that looks fun!