Saturday, April 14, 2012

American Lung Association 5K walk

getting to the walk

our team...they are COLD!


sky thru a grate


fiona rose
Mike's work had a team for the annual American Lung Association 5K Walk for Air, so the kids, Derek and I all decided we would go as well. When we started walking it was 56 degrees, by the time the walk was done it was 50 degrees and windy as heck! Rowan kicked some major booty, this is the first one of these that we have done that he has not had to be carried for part of it, he was very proud of himself.
They had a great band at the end and snacks all the way through the walk/run and we had tickets for the pancake breakfast at the end of the walk, but sadly we were freezing our noodles off, so right at this very moment Mike is making us all some nice warm pancakes. :) YEAH!

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