Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fiona and the cat

Fiona has a great love affair with our cat Oonagh. Every time Fiona sees her, she meows at her, yells "HI! Kitty!" in her sweet Fiona Rose voice and then chases the cat around. For her part, Oonagh is undyingly patient. She gets "petted" pretty fiercely by Fiona (gentle isn't in her vocabulary yet) and yet the dear cat will lay there and be smacked silly by Fiona. Oonagh will even go out of her way to be near Fiona, go figure, our cat likes the rough stuff.
Tonight was especially funny to me, because Fiona's other great love is Oonagh's food. (I am forever keeping her out of the cat dish. That child will spit out wonderfully homemade meals and make a bee line for the cat kibble.) When Oonagh went to grab a bite of dinner, Fiona was right there talking to her, "petting" her and trying to snatch the food from her. Oonagh finally gave up and went out, probably to catch a lizard. Thankfully Fiona hasn't taken up eating the large amount of lizard remains that Oonagh leaves about the yard.