Monday, April 23, 2012

Other weekend happenings

the sign

the shop keepers

the sign thrower

fiona putting the hat on

fiona taking the hat off

the letter from the grey school of wizardry


fiona is prom queen too!

bouganvilla flower covered feet
While Audrey was getting ready for the prom on Saturday the little boys had a lemonade stand. They sold homemade lemonade and these awesomely good chocolate chip cookies made using only brown sugar! Oh, so good! They did great at the sale, giving that it was pushing 100 degrees and they only stayed out about an hour, they made $10! The boys were all very happy with how it went, and want to try it again soon.
About 3 weeks ago Sagan applied to the Grey School of Wizardry. He has been plowing through the Harry Potter series (his first time reading them on his own) and has so so wanted to go to a wizard school. After a bit of searching he found one, sadly for him it is not a boarding school... but still WIZARD SCHOOL! woohoo! Even if it is all on-line. His acceptance letter came in Saturday's mail. It really made his day.
Fiona was all about the hats on Saturday, and can I say.... sooo darn cute!
Sunday after our anniversary date I went out to water the garden and little Miss Fiona Rose came along to help. Her feet were all wet from water the plants and she walked through a huge pile of bouganvilla blooms that are in the back yard... they stuck to her feet like a pair of shoes. She thought it was very funny.

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