Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

see that pile o stuff on the dryer in the background??

there is ALWAYS a pile of clean clothes someplace in the house just waiting to be folded

will that zafu ever be done, or heck even properly started?

even the kids kitchen is a mess

and this little sweetheart is a HUGE mess maker
You know how when you go to your favorite blogs, how lovely and put together everything looks? And you think to yourself... am I the only person whose house is a mess? What is wrong with me, why can't I ever get the clothing folded, why is there always a pile of dishes in the sink, does everyone have this many toys spread all over their house?
A friend told me it is all trick photography. You can get a GREAT shot of some cool thing without showing the horrifying mess your house actually is. I know probably some of those houses truly are that tidy, but I like to think they just use a good angle and their house is full of dust bunnies and lego piles and unfolded shirts and undies.
I got this idea to "air my dirty laundry" from this blog. (Although all that laundry is clean I swear!)
Sometimes it is hard to be home all day and feel like no matter what you do, or how hard you work at it, well the work is seriously NEVER DONE! And you read those lovely blogs and feel so... so less than perfect. But it is ok, because you know... I don't mind the mess so much. I like that my kids can make a mess, and I like that after years of seriously following them around and cleaning up the house as they played (yes, messed up I tell you), I can let alot of it go. My house is tidy at the end of each day, but if you come over mid-day... watch out!
So, there you have it. My truth. My mess. My home. <3


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Alica McKenna Johnson said...

I think it looks great

knitting said...

ha! i love this post!! i have a very similar pile of laundry sitting in a chair right next to me!
hooray for being honest - housework can wait, babies can not!