Sunday, April 1, 2012

This weekend

the moon

fiona: superstar!

check out cae... midrun!


more busytown

more busytown

and still more busytown

out to dinner

at applebee's

check out fiona with the knife!
This has been such a nice weekend. On either Wednesday or Thursday we got "Richard Scarry's Busytown Eye Found It game" TOTALLY fun! And so super easy to play, I imagine in a few months even Fiona will be able to get it. It is a fun cooperative game, which I just love those games. And even though it is really simple, it is more than fun enough for the older kids to play more than once.
Saturday was just HOT out and since I refuse to turn on the cooler in March it got a nice 88 degrees in the house, just a wee bit too toasty to actually cook anything, so we all loaded up in the van and headed to Applebee's for dinner (I know, I know... not local, organic and all that jazz; but it is loud and has stuff  the kids will eat, oh and it was cool inside. lol) that was fun.
You know, lately I have been noticing when Mike and I make the choice to be open to the craziness and the loudness and the fun of having such a big family, than all that stuff seems so small and like a non-issue. We had a great time this weekend, even with all the hub-bub. And I guess that is what it is all about, this whole life thing. You have too choose whether or not to be happy in any given situation, you have to see the goodness in it all. Not that it is hard to do that with this house full of monkeys, but still the day to day stuff can wear you down, and sometimes the bickering and loudness can make you feel like you might actually lose your mind, but then you just have to laugh and remind yourself, this is so impermanent. They will all grow and move on and than what? I am going to wallow in the madness and savor every single moment.

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