Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday's Artist

just getting started

color mixing

look at that GREEN!

fiona loved playing in the paint

cae's foot prints

adding texture with sand

a rainbow of colors
Once again I am making myself step out of my comfort zone to let the kids experience some art love. We had a piece of particle board in the back yard and some paints I had bought the kids at Christmas (YES, I know, it is April and I am finally getting the paints out, see... stepping out of the comfort zone), a bunch of brushes, yarn, feathers, and tongue depressors and let them at it. Cae, Row and Fiona had a blast. AND I realized how limiting I am at some things. I worry so much about the mess that I forget how fun it can be just to DO SOMETHING! They mixed colors and added black and white paint to things to lighten and darken colors. I guess I had never really went over color mixing because they were surprised every time they got a new color.
Being part of the Saturday's artist thing has made me really think outside of my box and become open to things I would normally have shied away from for fear of messiness. I am so grateful for the inspiration of  the Ordinary Life Magic blog!


Andria said...

Oh....FUN!!!!! Good for you, mama!

Discovering Montessori said...

Love it! I really need to get the paints out. Thank you for sharing.