Sunday, April 15, 2012

Goodbye Facebook

the evil facebook monster!
OH, my addiction to Facebook is so bad. I am embarrassed to even admit it, but I think that is the first step to getting over it... is to admit I have this problem. I spend waaaay too much time on Facebook everyday. Most of it isn't even inspiring or helpful, usually I just get irritated and depressed when I am on there. SO, even though Lent is all gone, I am cutting myself off Facebook for 40 days. 40 days to fill my time with something other than mindless trolling around Facebook. Time to refocus on life and the things I love and the people I love.
Maybe I will find more time to make stuff like these...
chocolate, peanutbutter, pretzel cookies I actually made these!
I think with all those extra hours I might be able to actually read a whole book, finish my 3 knitting projects and play more with the kids. Could I finally find time in my day to do a bit of yoga? Or maybe go on a daily walk? I think the answer might be a big, fat YES! And really that is the rub, that I have been wasting so much of my time, so much of my life on something that on any given day is not filling me up, but instead bringing me way down. I am going to choose happiness right now, and family, and well... living.

found on the internet someplace... so VERY true
I am going to follow this above "To Do" list, I can't do that if I am stuck on Facebook.


Mama Tara said...

I find when I'm using it too much, I'm trying to stay away from something. It was useful when Elijah lost his job and we were sick. The pain of it was too overwhelming in that moment. The first day I logged off a full day, tears rolled, baby. I finally got to feel all that I pushing down. And since he was employed and we were healthy, it was a good time to do it. I wasn't going to sink even further. Enjoy your time. This was a good reminder for me to keep my use in check. One thing I did when I got back was to keep on my feed the people I was truly interested in hearing from, the ones who filled me up. Love you.

Caz said...
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Caz said...

Will miss you ... I'm going to dramatically cut my fb time too. I think I'll join in & commit to only checking fb for 15mins in the morning and after dinner. It is SUCH a time suck!

Misty Brown said...

oh-my!!!!! I closed my fb account for about a month for a lot of the same reasons. Mostly fb made me feel alone. Shutting it off was the best thing ever!!!!!!!!! I was harassed into reopening it by family & friends (& my blog was lonely without all the fb readers). The first 3 days are strange and then it is like being set free. Good luck!

momto5 said...

i just need to break the habit of it. on google chrome you get that page with all the "most visited" sites. well i took FB off of that so i can't get to it as easily. sounds so sad, i lack such control sometimes. esh!
Tara: YES! I do that as well. i tend to be on it more when stuff is sorta yuck, as a way to escape.
Misty: i have felt that way as well. alone and sort of isolated with FB. although IRL i have all sorts of people to be around. so weird to choose that space.