Monday, April 16, 2012

Day one without Facebook

rowan messing with the typewritter

fiona at the sand and water table

sagan finishing HP#2

caelan on the rope

sky thru our tree

swiss chard in the garden

teeny tiny tomatoes
sand toys

watering can

my knitting

books we read today

playmobile guys by the fire
Well, it wasn't a bad day. Only once or twice did I have any urge to actually get on Facebook at all. Which I am actually pretty darn pleased with. We went outside, well to be honest the kids go outside everyday but I tend to stay in, which is just plain sad. SO outside we went, I worked in the garden, played with Fiona, read a book or two, and worked on a baby blanket I am knitting for my Sister in Law. The day just seems to sail along seamlessly and well, to be honest maybe this won't be such a big deal.
I was talking with Sagan about my letting go of Facebook, how not that many years ago I just wasn't on it, and I was fine without it. How there was a time where I was hardly on the computer at all. I kept another blog, but other than checking emails, and maybe checking out I was hardly on the computer. Can you imagine it? Spending DAYS without being on it. I mean I know I did that, so it isn't impossible, but I have become so attached to it that it does seem strange to me that I actually did that.
Maybe I would get even MORE stuff done? Like finish hand stitching the zafu for Logan, or making Fiona a dress/tunic out of bandannas, get that baby sweater finished and the baby blanket, read all those books that I am so wanting to read, and PLAY ALOT!
I might even actually exercise... I know, shocking. But hey, all that time, all that lovely, lovely time.

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Heather aka Proud Mama said...

A very good day. Enjoy the mental freedom even if you don'tbdo all you think u will