Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bath time


look at fiona's expression. lol

making waves

more splashing
Normally Rowan takes his bath alone, after Fiona is done with her bath (just how he likes to do it), but today he hopped into the tub with her! They then proceeded to splash like crazy, Fiona really enjoyed that.
It is another one of those moments where I am so happy to have a big family. I love that this part of parenting just keeps going and going. I feel so blessed that my kids love each other and want to be together. Rowan is just really into his role of "big brother". He shares treats with Fiona, and plays with her, he tells her sweet stories and shows her books. She just loves him and hunts him out when we are at home.
I have said this before, I am sure, but this little girl is so loved. I worry that no man will ever get a chance to date her with all her big brothers there looking out for her. LOL

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