Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Love

These pictures of Fiona Rose have nothing to do with this post, she just looked so darn cute I had to post them.

I think, sometimes, people don't get what it feels like to be a mama of a big family. How it really feels. For me it is like my heart is HUGE, too big to fit in my chest. The love didn't split and divide up when each new child entered this family, it just grew and grew. It is now a massive heap of love that spills out everywhere. I could be a Duggar, I could. I could keep having babies and welcoming new life into my home forever. I know it isn't for everyone, I don't think it is for most people, you have to know what you can handle.
A blog I enjoy reading, Mama Birth, had a lovely post about what it is to love in a large family. It is so true.
The sad thing for me is, there are not many people I can talk to about this, so many people don't get it, or see it as a burden or that you must want to get the kids out of the house soon so you can get on with your "real life" or that as a woman maybe you are being forced to breed. Every single one of these six people was wanted 100% and the three that didn't make it earthside, well they were wanted too.
Sometimes the love is so overpowering that I just weep for the magnitude of it all.


Pepper B said...

I love your big love! I always wanted at least 7 children, but tried for the best part of 10 years to get my first precious bub and probably won't get anywhere close to seven... it makes me sad! So you are indeed blessed! x

momto5 said...

i do love all these little people (and not so little people). i truly feel blessed. :)